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7 Vital Questions
About Bible School

1. What is my long-term goal?

Are you planning to pursue a career in vocational ministry or in a secular vocation? Are you interested in Bible school for personal restoration and healing, or do you want to be prepared for leadership and ministry opportunities?

Regardless of our individual long-term goals, it is important to have a solid spiritual foundation in Jesus Christ. The one year “Foundations of Faith” program at WIBI provides the opportunity for students to become deeply rooted in Christ.

The “Christian Ministry” Diploma is a two or three year program, providing intensive academic training, for those pursuing vocational ministry. The third year has a strong focus on practical ministry.

2. If I want to receive a ministerial license or become an ordained minister, how does W.I.B.I. help?

With one year of WIBI, students are eligible to apply for a Ministerial License, while those who have completed two or three years are eligible to apply for an Ordination.

The graduate’s association with World Impact Ministries facilitates a network of contacts around the world for WIBI graduates.

3. If I want to pursue a Masters or Doctoral degree, how does W.I.B.I. help me?

World Impact Bible Institute is an Institute, not a university. However many of our courses are accredited with certain Christian universities and colleges, and students have the option of choosing the Honors program in each course to be able to transfer credits.

4. What is the main thrust of the school? Academic? Spiritual?

Some Bible schools have little academics and emphasize the spiritual experiences, while others focus almost entirely on academics.

At World Impact Bible Institute you will be challenged academically, while at the same time having many opportunities to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way. The two major thrusts of WIBI are that each student will have a personal revelation of Jesus Christ, and a strong awareness of the local and global harvest field where Jesus invited us to become laborers.

6. How can W.I.B.I. help me once I graduate?

WIBI will help graduates to receive a Ministerial License and Ordination. Those in the Ministry program and the Apprenticeship program will have practical experience to transition from the Bible Institute into full-time practical ministry.