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Dr. Peter Youngren

Evangelist, pastor, author, president of World Impact Bible Institute and founder of World Impact Ministries, an international Christian organization with outreaches in more than 100 nations. In recognition of his success in Gospel ministry in non-Christian nations, Ministry Today listed Youngren as one of the most influential international evangelists of the 20th century

Bill Annis

Bill Annis is the President of Faith Christian Fellowship of Canada. Bill has been a founding pastor, and is an effective teacher of God’s word for over 40 years from coast to coast of Canada. 

Susan Hoover

Susan Hoover graduated from World Impact Bible Institute (WIBI) in 2002, and became a missionary to Indonesia. She helped launch a WIBI campus in Indonesia, and now continues evangelistic work throughout the world.

Nathan Thurber

Nathan Thurber graduated from World Impact Bible Institute in 1999. He has served in ministry work coordinating evangelistic gospel campaigns for Pastor Peter Youngren since 2001. In 2009 he entered pastoral work, and is now Lead Pastor of Toronto Celebration Church. 

Jakob Wendesten

Jakob Wendesten is an Associate Minister of World Impact Ministries, where he coordinates, and also ministers at large scale evangelistic outreaches around the world.

Kevin Tai

Kevin Tai is a successful business entrepreneur, who also works with his wife Susan Hoover, organizing ministry and outreach efforts.

Anthony Greco

Anthony Greco is the Founding & Senior Pastor of Calgary Life Church. He has  visited over 40 nations conducting evangelistic meetings, which have seen up to 50,000 people attend at one time.

Rickard Sallander

Rickard Sallander is a Bible School principal, preacher, and street pastor among homeless and drug addicts in Oslo, Norway. He has been in ministry work since 2004. He has a passion to bring people to Christ and training believers in the work of evangelism.

Shawn Annis

For over 30 years, Shawn Annis has served in a pastoral role. Shawn is now Lead Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship of Moncton.

Dean Morris

Dean Morris has been in pastoral ministry in both the USA and Canada since 2010. He also served as an Associate Minister overseas for World Impact Ministries. He has his Masters of Biblical Studies from Liberty University.