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Course List

Two years of studies involve more than sixty courses.
These are samples of some of the courses taught.


This course is fundamental to understanding the Christian life. Student will be grounded and firmly established in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and its empowerment for works of ministry.

Blood Covenant

An in-depth study of the Old Testament covenants and how the New Testament covenant is ultimately fulfilled in the atoning work of Jesus Christ.

Paul’s Letters

Offers a comprehensive view of Paul’s letters through topical and verse by verse studies. Students discover the Gospel of grace articulated by Paul and demonstrated by the work of Christ.

Thinking Biblically

What does it mean to have a biblical worldview? In a society where truth is relative, this foundational course provides students with the tools required to think, live as Truth bearers.

2,000 Years of Church History

We know about the early and New Testament churches from scripture. This course introduces students to the triumphs and turmoils of the historic church from a global perspective.

Jesus Our Healer

Establishes the student in the revelation of Christ as healer and empowers students to minister healing to others.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Every believer has spiritual gifts but not many are aware of, or know how these gifts operate. This course introduces students to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, their importance to the church, and their use in advancing the gospel message.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

This course contains valuable and biblical insights on identifying and stepping into your God ordained destiny and fulfilling your calling.

Jesus Revealed I – V

Jesus is the substance and fulfillment of scripture. These 5 separate courses–all taught by Dr. Peter Youngren, helps students identify the revelation of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. It highlights how the apostles and early church saw Christ revealed in the pages of the Old Testament, and equips students to the riches of Christ revealed throughout the scriptures.

Identification with Christ

Examines the nature of the believer’s identity as a New Creation in Christ Jesus. The student learns what it means to identify–not only with the work of Jesus on the cross, but with who He is in His resurrection, now.

Biblical Economics

Learn what the Bible has to say about money and how its effective stewardship can bring blessing to individuals, communities, and nations.

Christ Jesus

An intense and in-depth study of the person of Jesus Christ–focused on His authority, ministry, and present day activity through us today.

Book of Acts

An in-depth study of the book of Acts with special focus on biblical patterns for the church today.

Foundational Christian Doctrines I & II

Laying a Biblical foundation for believers. Topics include the Trinity, the Church, the person of the Holy Spirit, angels, demons, eternity, and other important biblical doctrines.


An in-depth study of evangelism with a focus on the individual’s involvement in spreading the gospel.

End-Time Prophecy

A study of future events foretold in Scripture. Jesus’ own words are the main source of material. This study includes the role of believers as participants in prophetic events.

Leadership Development

Provides biblical foundations, insights, and principles of leadership.

Ministry Gifts

Examination of the fivefold ministry offices and gifts (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher) and their importance in strengthening the church and equipping believers for works of ministry.

Heart of a Leader

This second leadership course is to further aid students in developing their leadership potential and mobilize their calling towards effective ministry and impact.


Equips students with foundational skills and methods required to respond to cultural, religious, and societal objections about the faith.

Children’s Ministry

A practical course on effective ministry to kids within the Church and through outreach activities.


Students will learn a defensive method of argument for Christianity, and new ways to declare the truths they know.

Book of Hebrews

A study of the superiority of the New Covenant. Better revelation, priesthood, covenant, and more, through the finished work of the Lord Jesus.

Book of Romans

Powerful truths are explored, including the nature of sin, the law, the power of grace, our righteousness in Christ, faith and Israel’s place in God’s plan of redemption.

Grace-based Family Living

An in-depth biblical study of family units, dating, raising children, remarriage, and the roles of husbands and wives..


An examination of counselling techniques that produce Godly change in a person’s life.

Children’s Ministry

A practical course on effective ministry to kids within the Church and through outreach activities.

Biblical Preaching I & II

A practical course on sermon construction and effective gospel presentation and communication.

Church Birthing

God’s desire is for the local Church to flourish. This course outlines God’s plan for the planting and birthing churches.

Gospel of John

A general overview of the book of John with special emphasis on the Trinity, the deity and humanity of Christ, and the doctrines of salvation and baptism.

International Ministry and World Missions

Outlining how every believer can find their place in missions to advance God’s plan worldwide

New Testament Survey

An overview of the books and message of the New Testament.

Old Testament Survey

An overview of the books and message of the Old Testament.

New Testament Survey

An overview of the books of the New Testament.

Old Testament Survey

An overview of the books of the Old Testament.

Pastoral Epistles

An in-depth study of Paul’s epistles to Timothy, Philemon and Titus. Students will glean pastoral, leadership, and gospel insights for their own ministry contexts.


This enlightening course provides an understanding of the purpose, power and passion for prayer as believers in right standing with God through the New Covenant.

The Gospel: God’s Message for The World

An in-depth study of the Good News. This course sheds new light on many popular yet unanswered questions surrounding the Gospel.

Revivalists & Reformers

An inspirational study into the lives of individuals that have greatly advanced the gospel. Students will nurture a desire to be greatly used by God.

The Church

Examines the origins, importance, purpose, and operations of the church and its various ministries. Students will identify their own place within God’s church.

Worship a Lifestyle

Provides biblical foundations for embracing worship as a lifestyle of a believer. Students will learn what it means to worship the Father in spirit and in truth.