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Student Stories


“You can truly discover the power of Christ and live it out and walk in your destiny with what you gain in WIBI.”


“The teachers are so dedicated to revealing Christ through the scriptures, about his love, about his grace…this completely transformed the way I saw myself, Christ and the world.”


“I guess you could say WIBI helped me to change my life completely and set me on God’s path.”

Student Testimonials

My time at WIBI was honestly really awesome! The community there was great and I learned a lot from my time there. It really shaped my journey with Christ."

Grace Chrishanthi

I couldn't have ever imagined how powerful the Gospel truly is until I was lovingly taught it here at WIBI. Since learning and growing in grace, I've noticed a significant increase of favor and opportunity in my life. God has opened doors I never dreamed of.

David Asis

One highlight of my first WIBI semester was the Counselling course with a licensed, practicing Christian counsellor. The teaching and the material were interesting, informative, practical, and soundly based in Biblical principles with Christ being central.

Patricia Morley

WIBI has helped mould me into the person Christ destined me to be. To discover
who I am in Christ has become the foundation for my confidence. WIBI prepared me for the next chapter of my life.

Isabella Gnanachchandran

The curriculum is so awesome. My questions about visions and dreams were answered. I liked the way the material was taught. It was simple to understand yet contained deep truths and principles that can be easily acted upon.

Kennedy Balemoge

Jesus wants us to bring His kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven. He wants us to lay our hands on the sick and command people to be healed, and command demons to go. Not in our name, but in Jesus name. That's one of the many things I learned at WIBI.

Carrie John