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Reaching the World,

One Person at a Time

Dr. Peter Youngren

Peter Youngren is the Founder of World Impact Ministries, an international Christian organization with outreaches in more than 100 nations. In recognition of his success in Gospel ministry in non-Christian nations, Ministry Today listed Youngren as one of the most influential international evangelists of the 20th century.

Youngren studied at Zion Bible College, Rhode Island, USA, and launched his Gospel ministry immediately after. He became an ordained Christian Minister in 1982. In 2001, he obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical studies from Florida Christian University, followed by an Honorary Degree of Christian Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in 2002. Youngren is married to Taina, and they work together in the ministry.

Get Ready for a Spiritual Awakening

To see Christ’s Gospel transform individuals and impact the whole world remains WIBI’s purpose. Wherever your calling takes you, WIBI will prepare you for impact. You will see the power of the Gospel in your world… and in all the world.